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Al Agnew

Collections by Al Agnew:

Al Agnew has always had twin passions for nature and art. Growing up in the Missouri Ozarks, he spent his time exploring the rivers and rugged hills and bringing home birds. turtles, snakes and other creatures to study and draw. Even though there were detours along the way, Al never stopped experiencing and studying the natural world and seeking to portray his experiences on paper and canvas. Today Al splits his time between his beloved Ozarks and the rugged beauty of southwest Montana.

Al Agnew is renowned for his portrayals of North American and African animals, and has a special affinity for predatory birds, mammals and freshwater fish. His experiences in the wild, with sketchbook (and often a fishing rod), have been the basis for his award winning and highly sought after paintings.

Al says, I love to travel, to see and experience all the variety that nature has to offer. My goal has always been to portray the beauty and wonder of nature, whether it be a remote wilderness area or the familiar wildlife and landscape of my own backyard. To do justice to any portrayal of wildlife, I feel it is imperative that I get to know the creature and the landscape to which it lives. If one has a basic understanding of an animal and has seen and studied its habitat, ideas for paintings of that animal are unlimited.

To learn more about Al Agnew and view more of his artwork visit:  www.alagnew.com.