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I was born and raised in West Virginia, and attended Marshall University (be sure to see the movie "WE ARE MARSHALL!") as a fine art major. After college I wound up in Van Zandt County, Texas as a young mother and homemaker. With the birth of my third child, a personal decision was made regarding the serious pursuit of art, teaching, and a career. Raised in a transitional era regarding women working vs. stay-at-home moms, I was able to bridge the gap by achieving both with balance. I had given private painting lessons to students as far back as 1968, and by the time my husband David and I relocated to our present home - a converted restaurant / bait-and-tackle shop - I was conducting lessons on a regular basis without ever having to leave my children in daycare.

The effort paid off ... With all my children now raised, married and settled down, I have been able to branch out and have added a custom frame shop to my studio - which are both located at my home here in Wills Point!

Then My Life Took an Unexpected Turn
My husband and I began RVing with a small travel trailer in 1998. Like most Rvers, we eventually traded up to a larger fifth wheel which had a good bit of precious wall space. So in 2003 I did a small oil painting for the LR area that featured a tiny pink and white vintage travel trailer pulled by a woodie station wagon. At the time I had only begun selling things on eBay and decided to try a print of this painting, just to see if there was any interest in my artwork. I was amazed by the reaction! Rvers and trailer buffs from all over started e-mailing to see if I had "anything else" like that. Apparently there was nothing out there even remotely like my painting ... Well, that was music to my ears! So I began working on a series of paintings of little "canned hams" and posting them on eBay and my web site (VintageTravelTrailerArt.com.) Since then my career has taken off and exceeded all expectations.

Because I have a web site, my "Vintage Travel Trailer Art" has been adopted commercially in a number of ventures. At this time in my life, I believe I have reached a point where I should just "paint what I enjoy." I do not actively seek out commissions as I once did. (I prefer to consider the offers on their merits, not on how much money I can make!) Pastel on sanded paper is my favorite fine art medium, but I am equally at home with oil, pen & ink, and now casein (which is a type of milk-based watercolor.) Right now, my career is white hot! I have licensed several of my pieces as commercial Christmas cards through RV Enterprises of Montpelier, Vermont, as well as coasters (through Coaster Stone Co.) and more recently, quilting fabric (Elizabeth's Studio.) But perhaps my most successful association has been with CURRENT, USA, a nation-wide catalog company. This year I am working to complete their 7th "VINTAGE TRAVELS" calendar for 2014, featuring my original artwork. Be sure to check out the page here called "Unique Trailer Products."

As of this date I have roughly 85 paintings of vintage travel trailers.

E-mail me! paige@vintagetraveltrailerart.com


a "few words" from Paige Bridges on her experience working with Elizabeth's Studio:

I was contacted by Elizabeth's Studio who wanted to try some new quilting fabrics with my Vintage Travel Trailer Artwork. What a wonderful experience it's been! The popularity of vintage trailers has been growing every year with the advent of groups like Sisters on the Fly and Camping, which means the requests for these kinds of designs is not going to be exhausted anytime soon. I love that Elizabeth is so creative in her design work so that it appeals to a wide assortment of buyers, not just quilters. Her work stands alone among the fabric companies I have seen and her reputation goes before her. I feel very blessed to be among her stable of artists!

Paige Bridges
Vintage Travel Trailer Art