"Magic Tree"
*the size of the panel is 20" x 17 1/2"
Kennel Quilts for Kitties by Nan Baker
Kennel Quilts for Kitties
12" x 18"
Headin' Home Wall Quilt by Donna Ptak Collection
Headin' Home Wall Quilt
64" x 64"
Country Home by Christina McCourt
Country Home
57" x 71"
"Wine Country" Projects
Reversible chef's apron, table runner and wine tote!
Share Your Heart Pillow by Frog Hollow Designs
Share Your Heart Pillow
On The Road To Kiev Tote by Frog Hollow Designs
On The Road To Kiev Tote
Fruit Ladies at the Beach by Frog Hollow Designs
Fruit Ladies at the Beach
48" x 74"
Busy Baby by Frog Hollow Designs
Busy Baby
37" x 45"
Freshwater Wildlife by Tracy Lizotte
Freshwater Wildlife
Winter Table Runner by Deborah G. Stanley
Winter Table Runner
Frog Hollow Designs
16-1/2 x 48-1/2
Ursus Americanus by Deborah G. Stanley
Ursus Americanus
Frog Hollow Designs
50-1/2 x 50-1/2
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