Available October 2021
Adorable Pets
Adorable Pets by Keith Kimberlin
Campers by Darrell Bush
Available January 2022
Happy Farm
Happy Farm by Diane Fifer
Available January 2022
Hummingbird Vision
Hummingbird Vision by Sue Coleman
Available November 2021
I Love You
I Love You by Petar Meseldzija
Available January 2022
New for Fruit Ladies
New for Fruit Ladies by Mary Stewart
New for Tucson
New for Tucson
Available November 2021
Step into the Wilderness
Step into the Wilderness by Darrell Bush

Welcome to Elizabeth's Studio!

We are a first quality print converter to over-the-counter fabric stores, quilt shops and manufacturing markets. Our unique 100% cotton novelty prints are sold to the retail trade exclusively through national and worldwide fabric distributors. Please visit "Our Distributors" page for the complete list and contact information.

To purchase a specific pattern/collection, please visit your local fabric store or search to see which online store carries it.

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